A Continuing Medical Education Course for Those Passionate about Global Health

Course Overview


 The bootcamp course changes yearly. Click here to see guest speakers from previous years. A sample schedule is shown below:

sample schedule

For questions about the schedule and course content for the 2020 Global Health Bootcamp, please contact the Co-chair, Ethel Wu or Program Coordinator, Natalia Loaiza.

Ultrasound Workshop

Ethics Simulation

Course Objectives:

  • Apply Care Delivery Value Chain to inform practice in the field
  • Apply lessons from high fidelity ethics simulations to global practice
  • Teach ethics curriculum to other trainees
  • Practice using interdisciplinary responses to programs
  • Use advocacy language in next global health experience
  • Understand currently used quantitative metrics in global health delivery through case studies
  • Implement mobile technology into global health delivery
  • Integrate social determinants of health into understanding of global health delivery
  • Utilize new ultrasound skills

The UCSF Kanbar Center where we host our ethics simulations.Dr. Joia Mukherjee, CMO of Partners In Health, demonstrates the divide between social and political rights.

Participants work together to map a health system during Josh Nesbit's presentation on Mobile Technology.


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