A Continuing Medical Education Course for Those Passionate about Global Health

Day 2: 2020 Global Health Bootcamp

Tuesday, January 14th, 2020

Location: UCSF Kalmanovitz Library – Lange Room – 5th Floor

Contact: Ethel, cell: 757-645-7627/ Natalia, cell: 704-689-3009

8:30am – Breakfast

8:45am – Introduction

9:15am – Session 5 : Global Health in Context

Madhavi Dandu: madhavi.dandu@ucsf.edu

Optional Readings:

10:45am – Break

11:00am – Session 6 : Strategies to Overcome Three Common Challenges in Working with the Public Sector to Improve Healthcare Services Globally 

Bibhav Acharya: bibhav.acharya@ucsf.edu


Optional Readings:

12:15pm – Session 7: Round Table Discussion/ Lunch

Phuoc Le, Sriram Shamasunder, Madhavi Dandu, and Ethel Wu

1:45pm – Break

2:00pm – Session 8: Indigenous Knowledge, Decolonization, and Health Sovereignty in Global and Local Contexts

Cristina Rivera Carpenter

3:30pm – Session 9: Advocacy

Sriram Shamasunder: Sriram.Shamasunder@ucsf.edu

4:45pm – Synthesis

5:00pm – Global Health Networking

Kezar Pub

Other Resources:

Materials Mentioned:

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