A Continuing Medical Education Course for Those Passionate about Global Health

Day 2: 2018 Global Health Bootcamp

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Location: UCSF Kalmanovitz Library – Lange Room – 5th Floor

Contact: Ethel, cell: 757-645-7627

8:00am Breakfast and Introductions

Session 7: Care Delivery Value Chain

Ari Johnson

Optional readings:


Session 8: Engaging the Public Sector

Bibhav Acharya

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Workshop 1: Putting Programs into Practice

Sangeeta Tripathi


Optional Reading:

Workshop 2: Quality and Safety in the Global Context

Sujatha Sankaran

Pre- Readings:

Workshop 3: Mobile and Web Technology in Global Health

Josh Nesbit & Medic Mobile Team


  • Come to the session with a particular health system in mind – spend some time thinking about the people (types and roles of health workers, patients, family caregivers), places (numbers and types of health facilities, communities served), services and workflows, and details of the context. This will be great preparation for the workshop style activity we will be doing.

Optional Readings:

Workshop 4: Education in Global Health

Kerling Israel & Robin Tittle

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