A Continuing Medical Education Course for Those Passionate about Global Health

2014 Bootcamp Bios

2014 Global Health Bootcamp Cohort

Bibhav Acharya 2014Bibhav Acharya is a resident physician at UCSF Department of Psychiatry. At UCSF, he is the co-leader of the Global Mental Health interest group that teststhe effectiveness of educational modules in improving knowledge-base in mental health among primary care providers in resource-poor settings. For the last 7 years, he has served in various leadership positions within Possible Health (formerly known as “Nyaya Health”, www.possiblehealth.org), a non-profit organization that provides health services in rural Nepal from a 20-bed general hospital and a network of community health workers. Bibhav was born and raised in Nepal and arrived in the United States to attend Haverford College on a merit-based scholarship. He has worked at New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute to improve the quality of care for federally-funded HIV services. Prior to his residency, Bibhav completed his M.D. at Yale University School of Medicine.

Personal: Bibhav enjoys hiking, biking and cooking.


Sharon GormanSharon Gorman is on faculty in the Department of Physical Therapy at Samuel Merritt University, teaching entry-level doctor of physical therapy students in the areas of acute care, neurological rehabilitation, and health systems. She has had global health experiences in Haiti (6 months and 18 months after the earthquake) both as a provider and as a clinical instructor for rehab techs in a Haitian training program, and 4 times over the last 2 years in rural Panama delivering physical therapy and supervising DPT students in a temporary interprofessional clinic for native Panamanians with PAs, FNPs, RNs, and students.

Personal: Sharon’s hobbies include traveling and cheering on local sports teams like the Cal Bears, Oakland Athletics, and San Jose Sharks.


Sumitra Sharma is joining Bootcamp from Nepal. She graduated from her home country with Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She then worked at medical college under the department of Community Health where she spent time working on different programs in reproductive health and HIV/AIDS counseling in urban and remote regions. She also supervised the nursing students in community health. Sumitra joined a Masters in Community Health Nursing program and is currently in the final year. She actively involved with the study of non-communicable disease and aging. Besides this, Sumitra is engaged in both quantitative and qualitative community health, nursing and anthropological research studies within Nepal.

Personal: In her spare time, Sumitra looks forward to travelling and trekking to new places.


Cindy BasranCindy Basran is a Canadian trained anesthesiologist, who has subspecialized in cardiac anesthesiology and is board certified in transesophageal echocardiography.  She has spent 10 years practicing anesthesiology in New York city and recently returned to Canada to continue her practice here. Dr. Basran has always had an interest in global health issues but did not pursue projects actively due to logistical issues. She has participated in 3 medical missions in India, Vietnam and Bangladesh involving the care of pediatric patients, who were undergoing surgical repair of cleft lip/palate or burn scars.

Personal: Cindy is artistically inclined, specifically in painting and sketching.



Daniella JohnsonDaniella Johnson is an RN in her second year of an FNP/DNP program. Daniella is originally  from California but spent four years in Canada (2000-2004), two years in Bosnia and Herzegovina (2005-2007) and nearly four years in Morocco (2009-2013).  Currently, she is working on a capstone project for her DNP program in Mauritania (2014-2016).


Brian Bost IPRBrian Bost is an internal medicine and pediatric hospitalist in Denver, Colorado.He grew up in Colorado. After college, Brian worked in Public Health (HIV and STD prevention). Subsequently, he attended to Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin, Ireland for medical school, and then completed a combined internal medicine and pediatrics residency program in Springfield, MA. During residency, he spent an extra year training at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto/Johannesburg, South Africa. While in South Africa, Brian resealed outcomes of parent-child HIV/AIDS treatment from separate clinics. He worked in Haiti numerous times after the earthquakes, and worked to establish care guidelines at newly established clinics. He as also worked in Kenya. Brian will be completing a Masters in Public Health degree in May 2015.

Personal: Brian enjoys roasting his own coffee and being as active in the Colorado mountains as possible (running, hiking, camping, skiing).


Angela CaffreyAngela Caffrey is a physician that grew up in Washington state where she attended college and medical school at University of Washington.  Currently, she works in Michigan 10 months per year and for 2 months per year, she volunteers and teaches at Tenwek, a mission hospital in Kenya.  Angela’s first trip to Kenya was in 2011 and since also been on multiple shorter trips to Mexico in years prior.  In 2012, she moved from my comfort zone on the west coast to Michigan so that global health could be a larger part of her life.  Angela’s areas of practice are Gynecologic Oncology, Hospice and Palliative Medicine since completing a residency and fellowship in California . Angela is passionate about improving communication and end of life care for patients all over the world.  Her hope is that she will live to see advanced cervical cancer become extinct.

Personal: Outside of work Angela enjoys traveling, outdoor recreation and all types of cooking.


Mary Ellen BiggestaffMary Ellen Biggerstaff is a Family Nurse Practitioner from Washington state. Her primary clinical practice is at a  Summit Pacific Medical Center, a rural family practice clinic and ten bed hospital in Elma, WA. She has four kids and is close to finishing a Doctorate in Nursing. Mary has spent close to ten years working in an undeserved community and hasquite a bit of short term global health experience.

Mary is currently working on my doctorate and the focus of my work is improving quality of care for limited English proficiency patients.  Her current project involves implementing education throughout our three clinics, E.R., and hospital as well as helping our bilingual staff obtain their interpreter certification.  The goal is for LEP patients that come to our hospital have high quality, safe care and get necessary interpretation services. The biggest barrier right now is for staff and provider buy in and the cost of using interpreters. Although Mary won’t be able to measure outcomes for another year or so, she believes her team will be successful.

Personal: Mary recently finished dead last in a half iron man triathlon, behind at least 5 people in the 60s.

Kitonsa Peter James2Kitonsa Peter James is a medical Doctor interested in meeting my competencies, capabilities, skills, education and experience in research. He derives his success through core values and strengths in Health for All, Ethics & Integrity, Teamwork, Training, Recognition, Communication, Continuous Improvement and passion about leadership (a role he’s done since his higher level of Education). Kitonsa’s experience includes a Mercy Corps internship in Karamoja.

Personal: Kitonsa enjoys watching animations!


Alan ChuAlan Chu is a new staff anesthesiologist looking to develop a global health career -He is eager to develop
stronger leadership and management skills, network and find interesting projects, and develop GH teaching material for learners and colleagues.  In some ways, Alan finds that global health in surgery (and thus anesthesia for the most part) lags behind contemporary global health practice in other areas of medicine and  hopes to help it catch up! Alan’s global health experiences include a pre-medical school volunteer program- lived with rural Panamanian family, medical school volunteer work in Bolivia, rural Kenya, Guatemala, and Mexico as well as residency service mission in Haiti post-earthquake. Alan has spent additional time in Haiti and has an upcoming educational medical mission in November.

Personal: Alan has 2 awesome kids and a fabulous wife who is also a spectacular inner-city family physician , practicing global health at home.  He likes to spend his time cycling and playing ultimate frisbee.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABarbara Rose-Lovett is a newly graduated family practice nurse practitioner with a background in perioperative nursing and clinical instructing. She has worked in rural under-serviced communities throughout her career where she had the opportunity to spend a short time in Mexico doing health teaching/promotion. She has worked with Canadian First Nations on the Wagmatcook reserve as well as inner city populations (homeless, street workers and the cities marginalized community). Barbara will be spending 3 weeks in Nepal this November participating in a medical trek in the Himalayas.

Personal: Barbara recently relocated to the Bay area from Halifax, Nova Scotia earlier this year and is thrilled to have this opportunity to connect with others with a passion for global health.


RevathiRaviRevathi Ravi is currently completing her residency in Combined Internal Medicine and Pediatrics in Columbus, Ohio. Growing up, Revathi spent most of her life moving between Canada, the United States and India. As a child, she had the privilege of exposure to many different communities, cultures and locales, and learned to embrace the life of a nomad while finding the best in people – each with something to teach Revathi’s experiences in Global Health include resource development in Uganda, qualitative analysis of structural barriers in healthcare in South India specifically with regards to HIV/AIDS, and transitional medicine with congenital HIV/AIDs children in Botswana. In the US, she has helped found and run a free clinic, and investigate social drivers for poor outcomes in people living with HIV/AIDS.

Personal: In her spare time I run marathons, sketch and paint, dance, knit, cook, and read to name a few!

John Rovers John Rovers (purple shirt!) has been a pharmacist for 35 years, but only came to global health during a sabbatical in 2009-2010. Much of John’s experience has been on short term mission type trips (3 to Mali and 2 to Honduras).He also has projects underway in Vietnam working with a Vietnamese school of pharmacy to modernize their curriculum. John is trying to identify and complete 1 short research project during each trip. He teaches an Intro to Public Health course and another course on Health and Development Aid – both to undergrads.

Personal: John has traveled to Australia 18 times and his first language is Dutch.

Bonnie Larson

is a family doctor and mom to 2 young children.  She works with the urban aboriginal, refugee and homeless populations in Calgary.  Prior to studying medicine, she did anthropological research and worked on development projects in Latin America.  She has clinical experience in India, Africa and South America.

Personal: Bonnie enjoys hiking in the Rockies, playing ultimate frisbee with her husband, and spending time with her kids.



 Siobhan McCartySiobhan McCarty is currently a fourth year Obstetrics and Gynecoloy resident at Christiana Hospital in Newark Deleware. She has volunteered in South Africa, Ecuador and Haiti. Siobhan has plans to travel to Tanzania in February.

Personal: Siobhan loves a good craft beer and mountain biking (although not usually at the same time!)


photoWill Cogburn is a general internist, in full time practice in southwest Florida. He has been very fortunate to have the opportunity to work on a wide variety of short-term project in many different setting over the last 15 years in Central America, Haiti, and East Africa. His most enjoyable work has always been working with the rural indigenous health care providers. A few of the projects have involved capacity building; William has been able to do some teaching of medical officers in northern Uganda and community health workers in Karamoja, rural northeastern Uganda. Currently, William is working on a MPH at the University of South Florida in an executive weekend program. He hopes to be able to get a full-time job working in Global Health in East Africa in the near future. He and his wife are ready to move!

Personal: William loves to go cycling with his wife.

Robin GoldmanRobin Goldman grew up in the Washington DC area. She spent time after college working in environmental health and economics as well as teaching science in Mexico. She then attended medical school at the University of Maryland in Baltimore. Subsequently, Robin did Internal Medicine and Pediatrics residency at the University of Michigan. Most of her global health work and international experience up until this year had been in West Africa and Latin America. This year, she began a Global Health and Hospital Medicine fellowship through UCSF. Robin has had multiple short experiences in global health that have all been meaningful, including learning about the Mexican health care system, working on a malaria vaccine trial in Mali, and doing mobile clinics in Nicaragua. She is currently participating in a global health fellowship during which she’ll be spending half of her time in Haiti learning more about the hands on practice of medicine as well as working with health care professionals on the ground on quality improvement and academic programs.

Personal: Robin made it to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro last year and generally enjoy spending time walking around the mountains or near the ocean.

Irene Iuppa

Irene Iuppa is a second-year master’s student in the School of Nursing at UCSF, studying to be a Family Nurse Practitioner. She is also completing an HIV/AIDS subspecialty and is in the Global Health Clinical Scholars Program. Irene’s global health experience began during college, when she had the privilege to work on a number of HIV/AIDS prevention research projects with different at-risk populations. These included male and female street-based sex workers in France, transgender people in San Francisco, and female sex worker-injection drug users in Tijuana, Mexico. Soon after college, Irene was hired as a research assistant at the UCSF Prevention and Public Health Group, where she redesigned and helped automate the production of the PEPFAR country reports. In addition, she worked on HIV/AIDS policy development projects for Rwanda and Botswana and helped produce two publications, including a Cochrane Review on preventing vertical transmission of HIV/AIDS. As the Director of Operations for SaharaRelief.org, Irene coordinated efforts to establish a source of health care for nomads in the Sahara Desert, primarily, the Tuareg in Niger.

Personal: In her spare time,  Irene likes Byzantine chanting. Byzantine music encompasses the hymns of the Greek Orthodox Church and uses non-western scales and notation. This style of music is found in Orthodox Christian churches in Greece, Serbia, Romania, Lebanon, Syria, and even Tanzania!

Beatrice KirubiBeatrice Kirubi is a Medical Doctor based in Kenya. She is a student of Health Economics at University of Nairobi and is currently working as Medical coordinator for MSF in Kenya. Beatrice is passionate about health care access to care for all regardless of their status in life. For the last 10 years,  Beatrice has been working in Kenya on HIV, TB programmes that includes care for victims of sexual and gender based violence. She has also worked in South Sudan in a maternal and child  health programme.  Beatrice is also a member of the WHO- Afro region green light committee for Programmatic management of Drug Resistant TB.

Personal: Beatrice enjoys transforming spaces through interior design


brooke finkmoore pictureBrooke Finkmore is a (new) Nurse Practitioner who is excited to be one of the first two Global Health Nursing Fellows to work in Hinche, Haiti this coming year through a UCSF and Partners In Health program. Brooke has had three major experiences in global health that have profoundly shaped who she is: she was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Mozambique working on HIV prevention projects; conducted infectious disease field research in the Northeast of Brazil; and, most recently, has volunteered as a nurse in a TB ward in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Personal: For a short time, Brooke worked as a “dating coordinator” at a dating service and a large part of her job was to sell people on their new match and then to follow-up after the date and see if the match was successful (looking back on this, this job was a great way to practice taking a careful history and employing motivational interviewing techniques).


Ami WatersAmi Waters is a recent  Baylor College of Medicine Med-Peds graduate and a current Global Health Hospitalist fellow at UCSF. She was first introduced to global health when she spent a year between undergrad and medical school working 6 months at residential AIDS hospice in Austin,Texas and another 6 months at an AIDS hospice in Botswana. Ami returned twice more to Botswana, each time building on projects surrounding palliative care and health care delivery while also building stronger relationships with the community.  In addition, she has spent time working in South India, on the Texas-Mexico Border, and with Indian Health Services in Navajo Nation.  I look forward to joining Last Mile Health in their work and contributing to the ongoing relationship between UCSF and the community of Zwedru.

Personal: Ami’s professional interests include medical education, quality improvement, and transitional care.

Tim CurtisTim Curtis is a long-time ER nurse from Chicago.  He has been interested in Global Health since deploying to Haiti in 2011 to work in a brick and mortar hospital.  In addition, Tim has been fortunate to have traveled quite a bit and can see the need for process and capacity allocation improvements pretty much everywhere.  He has attended a handful of Global Health lectures and seminars that have only served to peak his interest.  Part of his reasoning for taking this course is to learn more about Global Health to see if he can find a niche to expand my experience and career into Global Health.

Personal: The University where Tim works is offering a Masters in Global Health and he is trying to decide whether or not to enroll.

Karimi GitumaKarimi Gituma was born and raised in Kenya, migrated to the US at 19 to pursue a college degree in Biological Science from UC Irvine. Karimi graduated from Harvard Medical School where she had the opportunity to take classes with the amazing Paul Farmer, igniting my desire to work in address social and healthcare disparities. She then, went on to UCSF for residency, and participated in the global health care AOD. For the past three years, Karimi has been working as a hospitalist at Kaiser Permanente in Oakland. Karimi definitely wants to incorporate global health into her career, but struggles with how to make that happen with competing pressures both financially and personally and to do so in a meaningful way that brings positive change to a community that is sustainable.

Personal: Karimi is currently traveling in Morocco!


Becky DeboerRebecca (Becky) DeBoer, MD, MA is a Global Health Hospital Medicine Fellow at the University of Chicago. She became interested in global health as an undergrad at Stanford, where she studied medical anthropology. She received a joint MD/MA in Medical Humanities and Bioethics from Northwestern University. As a medical student she conducted a study on cancer research ethics in Mumbai, India and clerked at the Uganda Cancer Institute at Mulago Hospital in Kampala. She recently completed internal medicine residency at the University of Chicago and will spend 6 months this year working with Partners in Health in Rwanda as an oncology hospitalist.

Personal: Becky enjoys sale shopping, jogging on the Chicago lakefront, eating out with friends and family, and perusing apartmenttherapy.com (and wishing she had it in her to DIY)


Kirstin KnoxKirstin Knox is a hospitalist at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and the Philadelphia VA.  She trained in Medicine and Genetics at Stanford, with the goal of doing laboratory based research that would be applicable to global health or health equity.  In residency, Kirstin discovered a love for general medicine, and now hold a primarily clinical position.She is starting a project working to address the needs of high inpatient utilizers, a largely disadvantaged and poorly served  population, within our system. She’s also interested in working with the Indian Health Service and/or International sites in the future.  Kirsten spent time as a medical student working at a small hospital in Guatemala, but has not worked out of the country since starting residency.

Personal: Kirstin enjoys running, skiing, hiking, and generally spending time outdoors.

Joseph LoblJoe Lobl has been practicing Emergency Medicine for the past 25 years in Rochester, MN. He is currently planning a career change, leaving his practice and hoping to become more involved in global health. Previous global health experiences have been limited to weeklong projects in providing care in Honduras, as well as educational sessions in Mexico and Jamaica. Joe is planning on working on a project in Emergency Medicine education in Bhutan  next May.

Personal: Joe enjoys hiking and photography in his spare time.

LindaLinda Rexford is new to global health participation.  She has been in full-time general pediatric practice for 27 years in an urban environment serving a large cross-section of ages and ethnic backgrounds.  Last year Linda spent a 2 week,and then a 3 week period volunteering in a permanent pediatric clinic in southern Haiti.  She will be returning there directly from “bootcamp”.  Linda’s role  has been to increase temporary working capacity alongside the permanent Haitian docs who run the clinic.  Her professional career has been one of direct care, but now she feels she could contribute more to the clinic with a project and just needs help figuring out where to start! Linda is hoping that bootcamp will give her some ideas about how to go about organizing one.  One of the joys of entering retirement for her is the luxury of time to volunteer for longer stretches. Being welcomed in new environments because of her profession is a privilege for which she is enormously grateful.

Personal: Linda’s hobbies include learning new languages, reading, walking, biking.

alex brayAlex Bray is an emergency medicine physician, originally from California, and trained in the New York and New Jersey who now lives and practices full time in New Zealand.  His wife Nina is also a physician specialized in Family Medicine and Hospice and Palliative Medicine. Alex and Nina have gone on short term medical relief trips to Ecuador, the Philippines, Belize, Honduras and Peru for 1 week to 1 month, occasionally partnering with existing hospitals and occasionally working fairly independently of the medical establishment. This has been extremely haphazard and while some trips have been incredibly helpful to the local people others have been harmful from even a short arm analysis and what Alex is currently wrestling with which is the concept of how to practice in the field can accurately match the needs of the local population.

Personal: Alex and his wife just had their first child, Kieran, who is 6 months old and is keeping Alex from doing his usual hobbies of reading and hiking, a change that he is very happy with until Kieran can join in with his dad.


evan-brownEvan Brown is a recent graduate of the Family Nurse Practitioner Program at UCSF. He will be serving for the next year as one of to Global Health Fellows at UCSF in conjunction with Partners in Health. While at UCSF, Evan has minored in Global Health and served as a member of the Global Health Scholars Program. He is looking forward to beginning his career in Global Health over the next year.

Personal: Outside of medicine Evan enjoys cooking and baking for friends and family and drinking craft beer.

gideon-personalGideon Gorit grew up in southern California where he attended college and medical school. Along with serving in various capacities among underserved communities both locally and abroad, Gideon has spent several years in London completing courses in public health, specifically focusing on health promotion, community participation, and collective action. This year he is completing my family medicine residency at the Ventura County Medical Center. Through the Global Health Bootcamp, Gideon hopes to not only learn from the global health experiences of others, but also continue to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively serve in any setting as a family physician.


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